Board Performance - Evaluation

By Invitation Only

Welcome to the Board Performance Evaluation Form.  Please complete your submission within five days of the Board meeting by selecting the radio button most relevant to your opinion.  Your submission is anonymous. 

Please rate the questions on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most effective or appropriate, 1 the least. Thank you.

1. Appropriateness of Agenda

2. Effectiveness of Decision-Taking

3. Extent of challenge by NEDs and others

4. Cohesiveness of the Board

5. Opportunity for everyone to contribute their views

6. Adequate representation of patient/stakeholder views

7. Quality and timliness of pre-meeting papers

8. Appropriateness of time given to items of business

9. Balance between forward strategy and past business

10. Appropriateness of expert advice (if applicable)

11. Appropriateness of minutes in communicating discussion/decisions

12. Effective leadership and management of the meeting from the Chair