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We aspire to deliver a pioneering and inclusive arts programme that transforms the experience of being in hospital

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In a hospital environment, where widely held perceptions are of our environments being cold, clinical and sterile, some patients may walk through the doors feeling afraid. It may be that they feel they have ceased to be an individual and it is all about their condition or disease, a place where they become a number.

Embrace Arts Programme

Embrace intends to counteract these perceptions by conjuring words like: warmth, light, colour, calming, soothing, humanising. We would like the Embrace programme to be seen as open and inclusive. We aspire to deliver a pioneering arts programme that transforms the experience of being in hospital for patients and staff.

A vibrant, thriving arts programme speaks of a trust that is forward thinking and engaged with its stakeholders, one that fosters a sense of community and ownership and one that takes a more nuanced definition of what it means to make someone well.

equine art hanging robot

Creating a sense of place

Art and design can breathe soul into a building and help to create a healing environment.


Participation in the arts can contribute to patient wellbeing and staff enjoyment and motivation.


Working in partnership

Our gallery spaces provide an opportunity to work with artists and students living and working locally.


Exploring technology

Our ways of interacting with the world are changing incredibly rapidly with the onset of new technologies.