Working in partnership


Art can form a valuable conduit to our local community. Our gallery spaces provide an opportunity to engage with and work with artists living and working locally as well as students from a variety of schools and colleges.

We will make the most of this by: Making best use of our entire assets including our gallery spaces; building on existing partnerships with Cheltenham Open Studios and Carers Gloucestershire; increasing the range of partners that we work with to include schools, higher and further education institutions.

We are expanding our network of partnerships to include relationships with The Wilson (Cheltenham's Art Gallery and Museum) and with the Fine Art Department at the University of Gloucestershire.


- Develop a long term programme of exhibitions for our four gallery spaces - The Link Gallery; The Star Gallery; Fosters Gallery; The Atrium Gallery

- Explore the scope of our spaces for performing arts and form the necessary partnerships with local groups  

- Continue the successful Medicine Unboxed partnership

- Commissioning a permanent installation to celebrate organ donation to be installed in the atrium of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

equine art hanging robot

Creating a sense of place

Art and design can breathe soul into a building and help to create a healing environment.


Participation in the arts can contribute to patient wellbeing and staff enjoyment and motivation.


Working in partnership

Our gallery spaces provide an opportunity to work with artists and students living and working locally.


Exploring technology

Our ways of interacting with the world are changing incredibly rapidly with the onset of new technologies.