Creating a sense of place


We know that art and design can breathe soul into a building and create a healing environment. We have some established activity that already seeks to do this, but this is not currently drawn together within an overarching plan.

During the plan period we will build on and align these areas of work so that they begin to reinforce one another and form part of a programme of work that we can communicate effectively.

As well as reviewing our current collection of more than 600 artworks, we will also commission new work and make the best use of our four main gallery spaces. We plan to host new exhibitions every three months at our four main galleries. In addition, we plan to embrace poetry and the performing arts as part of this programme.


- Reviewing and curating the current collection of art within our Trust

- Wayfinding - we know that people use particular works to identify where they are in our hospitals, using them as landmarks and focal points

- Signage - making our collections easier to find

- Use of artworks within our spaces

- Garden design

- Artistic events programme

- Welcoming and supporting touring exhibitions such as 'Keeping Abreast' in October 2015


equine art hanging robot

Creating a sense of place

Art and design can breathe soul into a building and help to create a healing environment.


Participation in the arts can contribute to patient wellbeing and staff enjoyment and motivation.


Working in partnership

Our gallery spaces provide an opportunity to work with artists and students living and working locally.


Exploring technology

Our ways of interacting with the world are changing incredibly rapidly with the onset of new technologies.