Good Corporate Citizenship model


“Good Corporate Citizenship is about NHS organisations making a contribution to sustainable development, health improvement and tackling health inequalities, through their day to day business activities.  It is about how corporate behaviour can aid population health, social cohesion, strong local economies and a healthy environment”

The NHS as a Good Corporate Citizen.  

NHS Briefing 146, NHS Confederation 2006   

For some years we have used the national Good Corporate Citizen model as a broad framework for our activities in this area.  The model includes six main themes:

  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • Employment and Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Buildings.

There are also some underlying themes which extend across a number of these areas, for example - carbon reduction, partnership working, reducing inequalities, health improvement.    

Each year we undertake a review of our progress, using the Good Corporate Citizen self-assessment tool. Departments and groups from across the whole Trust contribute and there are close links with Trust's Sustainability Strategy and carbon reduction activities.  The Sustainability Committee coordinates this area of our work.

Click on the link to see the results of the most  recent annual self-assessment.