International Corporate Citizenship

The Trust has both formal and informal links with health services elsewhere in the world.  These links offer staff a unique opportunity to share their skills more widely, but also give the chance for staff to learn and develop from their contacts and experiences with different health systems.


 Kambia students

There are long-standing links between the Trust and the Kambia Government Hospital in Sierra Leone.  The hospital was destroyed in 1999 in the conflict over there.  After the conflict,  there was also a great shortage of appropriately trained staff to provide healthcare.  Staff from the obstetrics and gynaecology teams, together with colleagues from a range of other disciplines across the Trust, have contributed their time to re-building the healthcare services in and around Kambia.  Teams travel out to Kambia regularly and one of the current priorities is to run training and education sessions for local staff. 

 For further information about the Kambia Project, click on the link.