Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week 2016



NHS Employers is coordinating the fifth Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week, 16 to 20 May 2016.
This week of equality-focused activity aims to raise awareness of equality, diversity and human rights issues in the NHS. As the largest employer in Europe, with over 1.3 million staff, the NHS has a responsibility to remain at the forefront of the inclusion and fairness agenda for patients and staff. The official theme for the week is Making change happen.

Director of HR & OD Dave Smith said:

A number of myths about equality and diversity still prevail in the workplace, including what equality and diversity means. We know that equality is fundamental to our organisation, and affects patients and our staff equally. We hope that by encouraging more of our staff to sign up as PFD champions, we can contribute yet more to this very important agenda.”


Personal, Fair and Diverse Champions

We're encouraging many more of our staff to become a Personal Fair and Diverse Champion (PFD) - a national, vibrant network of champions who are committed to taking action, however small, to create a personal, fair and diverse NHS. Join up here

Myths and misconceptions

Here are a few of the most commonly held misconceptions about Equality and Diversity:
Equality and diversity is just about ticking boxes
FALSE. While tick-boxes are one of the ways of collecting data in NHS organisations, equality and diversity is about translating
that data into information to inform change. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Equality and diversity needs to be measured and monitored – in the same way that finances are monitored through budgets – so that issues are identified and action can be taken.
The NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2) is a framework to help organisations use their equality data – alongside qualitative data gathered through engagement with patients and communities – to effectively measure their performance.
Find out more on the employment web pages at www.nhsemployers.org

The Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) requires NHS organisations to demonstrate progress against a number of indicators of workforce equality, including a specific indicator to address the low levels of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) board representation. Find out more on the workforce race equality standard web page at www.nhsemployers.org

Equality and diversity is just political correctness
FALSE. Equality and diversity is about more than trying not to offend, or making sure you say the right thing. It’s about fairness in terms of access to employment and services – and creating an inclusive culture. It’s also about freedom from discrimination. Equality and diversity policies and initiatives help to put these widely held values into action.