Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust employs approximately 8000 staff including bank staff comprising more than 70 professions, such as medical staff, nursing staff, therapists/scientific staff and ancillary, administrative and support staff.  Our success depends on the commitment and dedication of our staff.

During 2012/13, we:

  • treated 13,000 planned inpatient admissions and 64,000 emergency inpatient admissions
  • treated 64,000 day case patients (including chemotherapy)
  • provided 658,000 consultant outpatient appointments
  • received 93,000 therapy/diagnostic attendances (eg physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
  • supported the birth of 6,500 babies
  • analysed 2.1million pathology samples 
  • performed 410,000 imaging examinations (eg x-ray, ultrasound)
  • provided 32,000 kidney haemodialysis treatment sessions

The Trust serves a population of more than 600,000 and we work hard to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the communities we serve.

Our organisation is made up of two acute hospitals; Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General. Find out more about our hospitals.

We also have six core values that are part of everything we do as an organisation, as well as more specific strategic objectives. Read more about our Strategic Objectives, Mission, Vision and Values.