Active at work

work out at work

We know that physical wellbeing has great impact on mental wellbeing and on the ability of our staff to be the best that they can. For this reason we support activities that encourage people to be physically active. The NHS recognises the importance of a healthy balance between work and life. The Improving Working Lives (IWL) initiative was introduced in 2000, and has helped bring about a real culture change within the NHS - reducing stress, increasing motivation, and improving productivity among staff.


Step Jockey

The StepJockey smart signs label each flight of stairs in the Tower for calorie burn. You simply need to download the free app for iPhone or android and get walking! StepJockey is backed by the Department of Health and was fully evaluated before launch.

Stretch Break Exercises

Why not take a few minutes to try these simple stretch break exercises, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk?  They are also useful if you are holding a long meeting or training session when people are sitting down for extended periods.    Click on the Stretch Break link for easy instructions.

Workout at work

This annual event from the CSP aims to improve public health, reduce sickness absence and promote the important role that physiotherapy plays in keeping people ‘fit for work’. Our physiotherapy teams arrange  workplace events in conjunction with colleagues from Working Well, our occupational health provider.

better for you smokefree signs patients pouring alcohol

Our staff

Every employee is supported to improve their personal health & wellbeing. We have an entire programme for staff called Better for You

Our patients

With many thousands of admissions and outpatient contacts every year, we are well placed to ensure that every contact counts. 


Our community

We recognise our responsibility to the wider population of Gloucestershire and work with partner organisations to achieve this.. 


How can I be healthier?

Links to some of the best advice out there, including links to the best new health-related apps.