Better for patients


Our Ambition: Every patient contact will count for promoting health and well-being


Every year we come into contact with a significant proportion of the local population.

  • 13,000 elective inpatients
  • 65,000 day cases
  • 65,000 emergency admissions
  • 6,000 + hospital births 
  • 652,782 Outpatient attendances

We are well placed to influence our patients. We often have access to groups which are more likely to be suffering from preventable illnesses – health promoting initiatives aimed at these groups can contribute to wider initiatives designed to reduce inequalities. People in hospital may be more receptive to messages about promoting health and to information from healthcare professionals.

The NHS, the Trust, and its staff – we all have a responsibility to lead by example.

Read some of our Case Studies to see what we're doing to support patients in improving their health and wellebing.

What is public health


better for you smokefree signs patients pouring alcohol

Our staff

Every employee is supported to improve their personal health & wellbeing. We have an entire programme for staff called Better for You

Our patients

With many thousands of admissions and outpatient contacts every year, we are well placed to ensure that every contact counts


Our community

We recognise our responsibility to the wider population of Gloucestershire and work with partner organisations to achieve this.. 


How can I be healthier?

Links to some of the best advice out there, including links to the best new health-related apps.