Drinking and Alcohol


Drinking alcohol in moderation can be enjoyable for many people, but drinking excessively or 'binge drinking' can have a harmful effect and can lead to serious health problems. Most people who have alcohol-related health problems aren’t alcoholics. They're simply people who have regularly drunk more than the recommended levels for some years. Regularly drinking more than the recommended daily limits risks damaging your health.

 For further information on alcohol and a range of health and wellbeing topics, visit the NHS Choices Live Well website. 

Monitoring your drinking


Is it time to change the way you drink? The NHS Change for Life Drinks Tracker can help you keep a drinks diary and will calculate your units for you. There's loads more information for people concerned about their drinking on NHS Choices


Local support and advice

Local advice and support is available from Gloucestershire Independence Trust.  


Dry January

Dry January is a campaign from Alcohol Concern, a national charity trying to change the conversations and attitudes people have about alcohol.


better for you smokefree signs patients pouring alcohol

Our staff

Every employee is supported to improve their personal health & wellbeing. We have an entire programme for staff called Better for You

Our patients

With many thousands of admissions and outpatient contacts every year, we are well placed to ensure that every contact counts. 


Our community

We recognise our responsibility to the wider population of Gloucestershire and work with partner organisations to achieve this.. 


How can I be healthier?

Links to some of the best advice out there, including links to the best new health-related apps.