In context at our Trust


Our Trust's mission is to improve health by putting patients at the centre of excellent specialist care.  By using each contact which we have with patients to promote healthier lifestyles and opportunities for preventive approaches, we can contribute to their wider personal health and wellbeing.

In relation to staff, the overarching objective for the Trust is 'to further develop, a highly skilled, motivated, and engaged workforce which continually strives to improve patient care and Trust performance'.  More detailed objectives relate to staff engagement, improving the health and wellbeing of staff to enable staff sickness levels to reduce to below 3%.

Our staff health and wellbeing strategy and its associated action plans will make a contribution to the achievement of these objectives –with benefits for both staff and patients. For patients the benefits of lower levels of staff sickness absence are associated in particular with improved continuity of care.

Our 'Go on, it’s Better for You' strapline for staff health and wellbeing initiatives, links staff health with the Trust values which are captured in the phrase 'Better for You'.

Links with other strategies: This strategy does not stand alone. The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is closely linked to our Sustainability Strategy, which demonstrates our wider commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our Sustainability Strategy encompasses areas such as carbon reduction, recycling, responsible purchasing and building design. Whilst the importance of these activities to the broader health and well-being of the population are acknowledged, these aspects are not explored in detail here.





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Our staff

Every employee is supported to improve their personal health & wellbeing. We have an entire programme for staff called Better for You

Our patients

With many thousands of admissions and outpatient contacts every year, we are well placed to ensure that every contact counts


Our community

We recognise our responsibility to the wider population of Gloucestershire and work with partner organisations to achieve this.. 


How can I be healthier?

Links to some of the best advice out there, including links to the best new health-related apps.