Smoking Cessation


In 2006, the Trust became officially "smoke free" and smoking is not permitted in the hospital buildings nor within the hospital grounds.  We have recently updated our Smokefree Workplace Policy and have extended the scope and level of support which we can offer to patients, visitors and staff to quit smoking or manage withdrawal symptoms. 

Smokefree Policy

The Trust has a Smokefree policy. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the buildings or in the hospital grounds.

Staff can find out more information about the smokefree workplace policy on our intranet pages.

Every ward in our hospitals has a smoking cessation champion who is trained to give advice and support about smoking. If you are a patient and you are concerned about not smoking while in hospital, why not ask to speak to them?

Support to stop smoking

We actively encourage people to give up smoking, and if you come to hospital and you do smoke, it is part of our routine care to refer you to the local stop smoking service.  Patients who smoke will be offered support to quit and manage withdrawal symptoms through the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy .

If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit!   You will be healthier in the long run, will heal quicker, will feel better faster and will be less likely to suffer from complications.

Get well sooner 

Stopping smoking weeks, if not months before your visit, is best for your recovery. However, not everyone knows when they are going to be in hospital, but it’s never too late to quit. Hospital environments are completely Smokefree, this makes it an ideal opportunity to quit smoking with the right help. After only two days of being smokefree, carbon monoxide leaves your body and this can improve your recovery time.

Read more about stopping smoking before your hospital visit



Healthy lifestyles service

People are four times more likely to give up smoking when they access specialist smoking cessation teams.  From this year, there is a new Healthy Lifestyles service in Gloucestershire. Their team is on hand to help and support you. We can work with you to identify small changes that you can make, as well as supporting you to achieve them.

Whether you’re thinking about losing weight, giving up smoking, getting more active or just improving your overall wellbeing, they are there to help you. Please ring them on 0800 122 3788.

Alternatively you can speak to a trained, expert adviser to get free support from the Smokefree National Helpline 0300 123 1044 or get more information on quitting from or ask your doctor or nurse for more information.

Smokefree workplace and policies

More information is available for our staff on the intranet


Further information

For further information on quiting smoking you can also go the NHS Choices website.

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Our staff

Every employee is supported to improve their personal health & wellbeing. We have an entire programme for staff called Better for You

Our patients

With many thousands of admissions and outpatient contacts every year, we are well placed to ensure that every contact counts. 


Our community

We recognise our responsibility to the wider population of Gloucestershire and work with partner organisations to achieve this.. 


How can I be healthier?

Links to some of the best advice out there, including links to the best new health-related apps.