Organ Donation

Do you donate?

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Would you take an organ if you needed one?

Nearly everyone would, but it is estimated that nationally only 31% of us have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register. Please help us to turn people’s good intentions about organ donation into action by registering on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Here at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (GHNHSFT) we understand the importance of organ donation. In our region, there are around 118 people waiting for transplants (as of 29th July 2015).

In Gloucestershire there are currently 342,599 on the Organ Donation Register out of an estimated population of around 598,000 for the county. This is a huge achievement but we are hoping to encourage those who are not on the Register to sign up too.

Clinical Lead for Organ Donation at GHNHSFT Mark Haslam , said: "One donor can save the lives of several people, restore the sight of two others and improve the quality of life for many more.

"The more people who pledge to donate their organs and tissue after their death, the more people stand to benefit. Organ donation is the greatest gift one person can give to another."

How to sign up

You can record your organ and tissue donation wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register. You can join the register at any age. If you signed up manually (on a card) years ago, you will need to renew your pledge by signing up online or over the phone.

You can join the Organ Donor Register in a number of ways:

 Our Organ Donation Committee

The Organ Donation Committee was established in 2010 with theaim of raising awareness of the importance of organ donation and to increase the number of organs being donated at our hospitals by providing better support to potential donors and their families. The committee is made up of clinical staff from across our hospitals, non-clinical staff, volunteers and donor family representatives.

Key contacts include:

To contact the Committee, please email:

Find out more about the Organ Donation Committee here

Donating after death

After death, one person can help as many as eight people by donating their organs and can benefit many more by donating tissue such as skin, bone, corneas or tendons.

Find out more about what can be donated after death

Pass it on

It is essential that people talk to their loved ones about their wishes, so that should the time come, families are not left to guess what their decision is, at what is a hugely traumatic time. Join the NHS Organ Donor Register and tell those closest to you.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in our campaign or would like to tell us your experiences of organ donation, please contact Sarah Brown by emailing You can also tweet messages of support to our Twitter account @gloshospitals, using the #sayidonate

Alternatively go to for the latest national information from NHS Blood and Transplant surrounding organ donation.