Our Organ Donation Committee

Our Organ Donation Committee aims to raise awareness of theimportance of organ donation and to increase the number of organs being donated at our hospitals.

About us

The Gloucestershire Hospitals Organ Donation Committee is a group of clinical professionals and volunteers who are working to maximise the overall number of organs donated through better support for potential donors and their families. The group are also raising awareness about the life saving gift one person can give to another through events and informal presentations. More than 10,000 people in the UK currently need a transplant. Of these three a day will die waiting as there are not enough organs available. With your help, by raising awareness about the importance of organ donation and about the register, we can make a difference in Gloucestershire and beyond.

What we do

The Organ Donation Committee was established in 2010 with theaim of raising awareness of the importance of organ donation andto increase the number of organs being donated at our hospitals by providing better support to potential donors and their families.The committee is made up of clinical staff from across our hospitals, non-clinical staff, volunteers and donor family representatives.

How you can help

If you would like to get involved in any capacity such as:

  • directing us to fairs where we can have a stall
  • introducing us to groups who may like a talk
  • sharing your personal story as talks
  • helping to set up a stall and giving out leaflets at a fair

Contact us at: organdonation@glos.nhs.uk

Events and activities

We raise awareness about the importance of organ donation by talking to school groups, the WI, Rotary groups, and local businesses. These informal talks and presentations are given by our clinical staff who work everyday to save lives and to support patients in the county, however many more are presented by our volunteers.

These passionate individuals are made up of local residents who have donated organs, received organs or who are closely related to people who have. We are also actively involved in community fetes and fairs, taking the opportunity to speak to local residents about organ donation, to share information and to answer any questions they may have. Our Organ Donation Committee is working alongside the Gloucester Rugby team to promote organ donation awareness this year.

We have attended events including:

March 2017

World Kidney Day

1,000 Thank You's Art installation at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

February 2016

Gloucester Rugby supporters asked to Sign for Life at Kingsholm

July 2015

Winterbourne Dance Club - our volunteers Lily and Geoff gave a talk about Organ Donation as well as Kidney Research UK.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust AGM

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Summer Fete

August 2015


EDF two day exhibition

Barton and Tredworth Cultural Fayre 

September 2015

Gloucester Day

National Transplant Week