Working with Gloucester Rugby to raise awareness

We need you in our team!

Gloucester Rugby Club's working with our Organ Donation Committee to promote organ donation in the county by hosting a home game at Kingsholm on Saturday 27th February 2016.

Gloucester Rugby’s spokesman Duncan Wood said: “Organ donation is obviously not an easy subject to talk about as it’s a very emotive topic. However, we’d encourage anyone to sign up as an organ donor, and to make their relations aware of their wishes. It could be a life-changing decision.”

Organ Donation Nurses Kate Hurley and Leanne Fare have teamed up with Gloucester Rugby to reach a new audience as Kate explains:

“Our aim is to get people talking about their decisions about organ donation. It is incredible to think that 90% of people say they would accept an organ if they needed one, but we know that just 45% of families agree to organ donation if they are unaware of their loved ones decision to be an organ donor. If you share your decision to be an organ donor, consent rates rise to over 90% so we want Gloucester Rugby supporters to sign up and to let their friends and family know.”