Energy efficiency



Energy Projects

Completion of a range of schemes funded through the Salix funding mechanism and which are expected to achieve an annual reduction of 418 tonnes CO2: 

  • Installation of LED lighting.
  • Installation of variable speed drives for pumps and fan motors.
  • Improved insulation for steam and heating pipework.
  • Improved building management system control of air conditioning systems.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The CHP at Cheltenham opened in November 2014. The opening of the centre will make a step-change reduction of the Trust’s carbon footprint. The principal component of the new installation is a new combined heat and power unit (CHP). Carbon emissions are projected to be cut by 1,789 tonnes a year, a reduction of 30 per cent.

CHP is a great technology that uses a gas fuelled engine to produce electricity, while heat is collected from the hot exhaust gases of the engine to help heat the hospital. This is a far more efficient way of producing electricity than normal power stations and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The government wants to promote this concept, and as a result, our Trust has benefitted from a financial incentive. There are also plans to extend the initiative to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, with work due to be carried out in 2017.

The total £3.1 million project will achieve guaranteed savings of £169,000 a year, or a 40 per cent reduction on current energy bills and operating costs. Nearly £1m of this was funded directly by the Department of Health. The remainder is being funded through an energy performance contract between ourselves and Vital Energi, who will be guaranteeing the savings that the Trust expects to make. 

Chair Professor Clair Chilvers, said:

“As an organisation, we are very much aware of sustainability issues and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our sustainability strategy ensures that we are consistently addressing energy consumption across both our hospitals, looking at everything from light bulbs through to the design of new buildings.

“I am delighted to see the Energy centre open and operational. The good news is that reducing energy costs allows us to reinvest savings into front line services and patient care.”


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