Greener Transport


Sustainable travel includes options like walking, cycling, using the bus and train, or car sharing.

Of course, we all know there are lots of benefits from using more active, greener forms of travel. We know that making a few simple changes can help us to:

  • Get healthier
  • Save money
  • Make our streets safer
  • Improve the air quality in our cities
  • Contribute to a better, healthier place to live, work and relax.
  • Support economic growth through sustainable travel

Find out more from local website thinktravel which has route planners and information about transport options in the county.

Service 99 - our shuttle bus

We encourage our staff to leave their cars at home, to use public transport, to cycle and to keep active by walking more.

Service 99, our half-hourly Shuttle Bus, was introduced several years ago in partnership with Stagecoach.  This connects the two hospital sites and the Cheltenham Race Course Park and Ride facility.  Used by many of our staff, it is also available to the public and makes a valuable contribution to reducing the county's carbon emissions.  The Shuttle is free to staff travelling to work or between the hospitals. 

Other initiatives to reduce travel

These include;

  • a new e-travel claims system which enables us to monitor more closely the amount of business travel which is undertaken by staff
  • cycle to work schemes with subsidised cycle purchase, secure parking for cycles and motor cycles, and shower and changing facilities
  • fleet and lease car review
  • car sharing for staff
  • rationalisation of deliveries to site
  • reducing travel associated with meetings through greater use of conference calls and video links
  • e-learning
  • our mobile chemotherapy unit which takes this important service to our patients, to save them making long journeys to receive their treatment
  • working with our commissioners and partners to explore opportunities for telemedicine initiatives. 


Recycling energy bike waste

Recycling and waste

Find out what we're doing to recycle as much as we can in all areas.


What we're doing to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste.



We're promoting sustainable travel to our patients and our staff, find out more. 


Purchasing goods & services

We're committed to supporting sustainable suppliers