Impact on the environment


Evironmental considerations are key to our business.


Our building and upgrading schemes are carefully planned to minimise their impact on the environment.   From the design and construction stages, factors including energy efficiency and other sustainable features are considered.

Recent projects have incorporated some of the following features:

  • low energy lights and heating
  • heat recovery systems
  • maximising the use of natural lighting and ventilation
  • use of recycled or sustainably sourced materials


Good Corporate Citizenship

“Good Corporate Citizenship is about NHS organisations making a contribution to sustainable development, health improvement and tackling health inequalities, through their day to day business activities.  It is about how corporate behaviour can aid population health, social cohesion, strong local economies and a healthy environment” 

For some years we have used the national Good Corporate Citizen model as a broad framework for assessing our impact on the environment. This self-assessment model includes eight main themes:
Transport• Procurement• Facilities Management• Workforce• Community Engagement• Buildings• Models of Care• Adaptation

There are also some underlying themes which extend across a number of these areas, for example - carbon reduction, partnership working, reducing inequalities and health improvement.    

We complete the assessment model each year and use it to measure our progress.  The Sustainability Committee coordinates this area of our work.

Policy Environmental and Sustainability Impact Consideration Form

The Policy Environmental and Sustainability Impact Consideration Form is an annex to the Trust policies and must be completed for each new or revised policy. 

The form is designed to prompt policy writers to consider the environmental impact of their policies e.g. will the policy result in the use more energy or water, create more waste or add to the number of vehicles on site.  Alternatively will it have positive benefits and and help the Trust to become more sustainable?

The checklist of questions must be considered for each policy, although it is recognised that not all the questions will be equally applicable to every one.  The form is not required for procedure notes or guidelines. 

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Recycling energy bike waste

Recycling and waste

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Purchasing goods & services

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