Purchasing goods and services


Our sustainable procurement  includes elements such as buying food from local producers and ensuring materials come from sustainable sources (e.g. wood from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers). This contributes to our Trust’s responsibilities for environment and sustainability.

Sustainable procurement strategy

Our Trust aims to embed sustainability principles in the procurement process so that they become an integral part of all relevant contracts, at pre-tender, tender and post-contract award stages (including monitoring and evaluation), through to the end of the life of the contract and including any disposal of equipment.

This strategy and policy (available here) establishes our commitment to procurement sustainability and sets out the general aims and principles of what is an extensive agenda for continuous development. 

Other procurement initiatives

  • members of our procurement team are actively involved in a number of national sustainable procurement initiatives
  • using local services and suppliers where possible
  • our central stores and catering hub have meant fewer journeys and deliveries to our sites and fewer food and delivery miles
  • waste reduction through minimising packaging and re-using delivery containers
  • training procurement staff in whole life costing approaches
  • raising awareness of environmental impact and carbon reduction factors in procurement evaluation, business planning and impact assessment processes.

To find out more about selling to the NHS, please visit our procurement shared services pages

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Purchasing goods & services

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