Recycling and waste

The Trust produces a high volume of waste each year but is taking steps to decrease this.  Recycling bins can be found across the whole Trust and enable patients, visitors and staff to recycle plastic bottles, tins, cans, paper, magazines, cardboard and tetrapack cartons. 

The Trust is currently recycling about 25% of its non-clinical waste.  There is a programme in place to increase this and the new Sustainability Team volunteers will be helping and encouraging their colleagues to recycle more.  

In addition to this the Trust recycles items such as batteries, fluorescent light tubes and garden waste. 

For staff

See our waste management intranet pages for more details. Recycling bins are green plastic and have swing lids.  They are for use in non-clinical areas e.g. staff rooms, offices and regeneration kitchens. 




Recycling energy bike waste

Recycling and waste

Find out what we're doing to recycle as much as we can in all areas.


What we're doing to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste.



We're promoting sustainable travel to our patients and our staff, find out more. 


Purchasing goods & services

We're committed to supporting sustainable suppliers