Sustainability Team


In 2015 we established a Sustainability Team comprising volunteers from across the Trust. The Board wanted to ensure that volunteers for the team were supported by their managers and that they were able to make a difference in their areas and to our trust as a whole. We are promoting a culture of innovation in this area so each quarter members of the team are released from their 'day jobs' for a meeting with other champions in order to really be able to make their voices heard. 

For access to the Sustainability Committee minutes, please access our Board papers.

Sustainability Team support and information

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Recycling energy bike waste

Recycling and Waste

Find out what we're doing to recycle as much as we can in all areas.


What we're doing to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste.



We're promoting sustainable travel to our patients and our staff, find out more. 


Purchasing goods & services

We're committed to supporting sustainable suppliers