What you can do

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Sustainability is everyone's responsibility

If you have ideas on how sustainability can be improved, staff can speak to their line manager or you can contact us: SustainabilityTeam@glos.nhs.uk

Here are some simple things you can do to help the Trust reduce its energy consumption and be more sustainable.

Alter the temperature setting

If the room is too hot or the air conditioning too cold then adjust the control settings.  If these are fixed then ring the Estates helpline on extension 6800 and ask for the temperature settings to be changed.  Avoid opening the windows as this wastes energy.

Switch off lights and computers when not in use

Lighting an average-sized empty office overnight  wastes enough electricity to make 1,000 hot drinks or print 800 sheets of paper.  Switching off computers, photocopiers, printers etc. at the end of the day can also reduce the amount of heat they produce and help cool the area.  Please switch them off before you leave the office. 

Unplug chargers

Laptop and mobile phone chargers continue to charge (using up to 95% of the power) even when no longer attached to the device so please unplug them.

Print responsibly

Think before you print and consider whether you can manage without a hard copy.  If you do have to print then please make double sided copies to save on paper.

Recycle your cardboard

Break down cardboard boxes and leave them in the disposal hold or in the appointed area for your ward/department.  The cardboard is baled and sent for recycling. As well as saving on disposal cost the Trust earns an income for each tonne of cardboard we produce.



Recycling energy bike waste

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