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FOCUS Hereford Radiotherapy Appeal

Our Oncology team have a history of innovation in treating cancer patients, and our current appeal to fund a bladder scanner for the Hereford Radiotherapy Unit will allow patients from this area to benefit from an improved technique.

It is hoped that the appeal will raise the £6,000 required to purchase the bladder scanner before December 2016, but thanks to our supporters, we have already raised half the amount.

Accurately locating the exact part of the body to target with radiotherapy to within millimetres is an essential part of ensuring treatment is as effective as possible, as well as reducing any side effects which patients might experience.

Our Therapeutic Radiographers already use ultrasound bladder scanning at the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre as a way of confirming bladder volume in prostate patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment, however the team have now discovered the potential benefit which this method also has to support patients with gynaecological cancer.

A research project instigated by Radiographer Kate Claxton is demonstrating that ultrasound can improve consistency of bladder volume as well as patient comfort.  Unlike methods like CT scanning which increases the dose of radiation the patient receives; ultrasound can be used quickly and as often as needed.

Kate explains: “Having a bladder scanner in Hereford will make a real difference to our patients and to our work as a team. Before we give treatment we need to identify the size of our patient’s bladder as this has an impact on where the treatment is targeted. This can vary from day to day, so it’s important for us to be able to check before we give radiotherapy.

“It can be really difficult for patients, who might already be under considerable stress or pain, to keep their bladder volume at the correct level. Currently our only option to check the volume is a CT scan; which is a time-consuming method involving a small extra dose of radiation. If a patient’s bladder isn’t at the right level we need to start all over again.

“Having an ultrasound bladder scanner in Hereford will enable us to quickly check patients prior to treatment, giving reliable information which can be used immediately.”

We are very grateful indeed to all those who are supporting this appeal. 

You can support our Hereford appeal by:

- making a donation to the appeal.
- taking part in one of our fundraising events, or creating you own challenge event.
- sharing the story on Facebook or Twitter #FocusOnCancer

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