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Charitable donations make a huge difference to wards across the hospitals, providing extra care and equipment which otherwise would not be possible. In our Oncology Centre, Katherine Best helped to improve the experience for local cancer patients and their families by giving a donation which funded gel warmers and stools for friends and family of patients.

Katherine had noticed that the gel used before scans and treatment often caused an uncomfortable moment for patients, as it can feel very cold when applied, and decided to do something to make a difference for future patients by funding the warmers. The equipment heats the gel to room temperature, and will improve comfort for patients in the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre. Katherine’s donation also funded stools which give friends and family somewhere to rest while visiting patients in the centre.

“During Jon's illness we spent a lot of time on the oncology department and some of that time sitting around whilst treatment was taking place. As you look around, you see and hear things going on and i just happened to pick up on the fact that they did not have a gel warmer as Jon was having an ultrasound and at this stage Jon was really poorly, so i thought that would make a difference to so many people. Making a donation doesn't have to be huge but it can make a huge difference to so many people.” Katherine Best

We are very grateful for the support of all those who help to make a difference for local cancer patients by supporting Focus.