Research Events

May 2016

What’s research ever done for us? 

International Clinical Trials day takes place on 20th May and we are celebrating by taking part in a big event at the University of Gloucestershire’s Park Campus in Cheltenham. 

Our Research Team will be sharing information about our hospitals amazing work and how we are taking part in over 100 NIHR clinical trials and other studies. 

The event takes place during the same week of the International event on 18th May and will include posters and stands and will culminate in a public lecture entitled ‘What’s research ever done for us…’ in the evening. 

Our Associate Director of Research and Development Dr Julie Hapeshi explains why we are taking the opportunity to raise awareness: 

“Over the years many improvements in healthcare have been driven by research studies involving patients and the public. This seminar will present some of the advances in clinical care that would not have been achieved without studies to find out what provides the best treatment option. 

“The programme will comprise short presentations using examples of important health care developments to illustrate the role of research in improving clinical care for patients. 

“We will start by celebrating the work of James Lind who ran the first clinical trial in 1747, which led to an improved understanding of scurvy, vitamin C deficiency, in sailors. This will be followed by three short talks about more contemporary advances in medicine. These include improvements in survival rates for people suffering from leukaemia, reductions in blindness linked to screening for diabetic eye disease and how adaptations in the delivery of radiotherapy for breast cancer are reducing damage to the heart. The final presentation will be a glimpse into the future with some new ideas for the early diagnosis of cancer”.

June 2016

Research 4 Gloucestershire - Developing & Maintaining Partnerships

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, along with the University of Gloucestershire are holding the 3nd joint research event on June 8, 2016.  It is hoped that this event will help continue with the success of the previous event in forging working collaborations between the NHS organisations in Gloucestershire within the area of research.



March 2016

Mental Health: Moving Forwards - The Five Year Plan (March 10, 2016), Manchester Conference Centre

The third annual Mental Health event was held in Manchester where those leading the five year strategy offered practical guidance, advice and real examples to help transform and improve mental health care.  Attendees should gaina greater understanding of the forward direction, the likely impact on both services and service usersm and the actions that can deliver real change.

A new era for mental health care is on the horizon ... Mental Health: Moving Forwards - The Five Year Plan will explore how the new national strategy for mental health services can drive action so that people across all ages can get the right help at the right time.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • The five year plan for mental health services
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • NHS FYFV Vanguard: Southern and Health NHS FT
  • New models of care: Prevention and early intervention
  • Transforming Care: A whole person approach
  • Co-production: What needs to be better
  • The changing face of mental health

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