Patient & Public Involvement (PPI)

Research projects cannot get started without the participation of one key group of people: our patients. We rely on the thousands of patients we treat every year to volunteer and take part in research projects. This arrangement is mutually beneficial because we get to see how new treatments work in practice and our patients benefit from ground-breaking treatments earlier than they would otherwise.

Involvement of patients and the public can impact in other ways too; it can improve recruitment, result in more patient focused outcomes and help with the dissemination of research results.

Types of patient and public involvement can include:

  • Informing the design of research studies
  • Developing grant proposals
  • Identifying and prioritising research topics through user groups
  • Continuing involvement through monitoring and evaluation
  • Increasing the likelihood that the results of research are implemented
  • Advising on different avenues for disseminating results
  • Assisting the research team in developing themes from data

How to get involved

Our PATIENT & PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT (PPI) coordinates the above for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. If you are interested in getting further involve, please contact the PPI team.

Alternatively, get in touch with INVOLVE, a a national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.  INVOLVE is funded by and part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).  They share knowledge and learning on public involvement in research.

Or contact the team at the RESEARCH DESIGN SERVICE (SOUTH WEST) - One of the aims of the RDS South West is to promote active and meaningful PPI in research, increase the quality of funding application.