Gloucestershire R&D Consortium / Innovation Forum

Gloucestershire R&D Consortium

The Gloucestershire R&D Consortium is a county-wide working group that was formed at the time of the bidding process for R&D Support funding in 1996 and it originated from the R&D Group that was set up to steer the work of the Gloucestershire Research Team (prior to the Gloucestershire Research Support Service - GRSS) in the early years. The Consortium has representation from primary and secondary care, and includes the acute, community mental health sectors, learning disabilities and crosses all relevant professional groups namely, medicine, nursing and professions allied to medicine.  The Consortium also has representation from the Gloucestershire Research Team, namely the Director and the Associate Director of R&D.  

The Consortium provides strategic oversight of the management arrangements of the Gloucestershire Research Team and all research related action across the health community.


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GHNHSFT Research Innovation Forum

The Forum is responsible to Quality Committee for the following main functions:

1. To develop and regularly refresh the research and innovation strategy for GHNHSFT.
2. To identify approaches to increase the participation of staff in high quality research and innovation that increases the income to the Trust and meets the requirements of the DH research governance framework.
3. To identify approaches to increase the accrual of patients into portfolio studies.

To monitor the performance of the GHNHSFT in relation to:          

  • Accrual to portfolio studies
  • Approval of studies
  • Income related to research activity                          
5. To monitor the performance of the GHNHSFT to determine appropriate allocations from the Research Forum budget.