Research has an important role to play in improving patient care by informing us about the best treatments and giving early access to new treatments before they are readily available. Research can also generate income for the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The role of the Research Lead for each Division is to provide a link between clinicians, research and management teams.  They attend the quarterly GHNHSFT Research and Innovation Forum on the Division's behalf.  This is a meeting led by Sally Pearson and the message from this meeting is that the trust wants to be doing more research and wants research to be seen as core business, not an elite activity carried out by a few.

It may be that you have an idea for a new piece of research, maybe it is something where you would like to look for funding.  The Leads have found the Gloucestershire Research Team incredibly helpful when it comes to working up protocols and bid proposals and would urge you to talk to us about new ideas.  We are based in the Research Office at Leadon House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and are part of the South West Research Design Service.

If you would be interested in offering new treatments or therapies to your patients through clinical trials then we can help to resource the things that might be holding you back – research nurse time, help with data entry, and funded sessions for research.

If you let the relevant Division Research Lead know about any issues you are facing, that are holding you back, they will take them to the Research and Innovation Forum, so that we can try and help you. 

If you’d like to read the Trust’s Research and Innovation Strategy follow this link http://www.gloshospitals.nhs.uk/en/Wards-and-Departments/Other-Departments/Innovation :






Dr Paul Perkins, Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine is the Research Lead for the Diagnostics and Specialties Division.

You can contact him via either:

The Palliative Care Team at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust or Sue Ryder, Leckhampton Court Hospice, Cheltenham GL53 0QJ   Tel: 01242 23 0199 or Fax: 01242 22 4776



Dr Pippa Medcalf, Consultant in Elderly Care is the Research Lead for the Medical Division.

You can contact her via either:

The Elderly Care team or the Acute Assessment Unit within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  Tel: 03004 22 8406 



Professor Andrew McNaught, Consultant in Ophthalmology is the Research Lead for the Surgical Division.

You can contact him via either:

The Ophthalmology Team with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Tel: 03004 22 2527 



Kathryn Hillaby, Consultant in Gynaecology is the Research Lead for the Womens and Children Division.

You can contact her via either:

The Inpatient Services Team within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Tel: 03004 22 5568 or 03004 22 4464