Research Networks and Trial Delivery

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

The NIHR is the umbrella organisation that oversees research in the NHS and the management of the Networks put in place to deliver health service research.

The NIHR webpage can be found here and contains information about how they are working to deliver the aims of the current R&D Strategy.

For more information on the Networks within the NIHR, click on the link below to visit the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre

The Gloucestershire R&D Consortium is part of the West of England Clinical Research Network and we work with all the Topic Specific Networks to deliver studies and facilitate recruitment to NIHR Portfolio studies.


Health Research Authority (HRA)

The HRA has been set up to work alongside the NIHR and regulatory organisations such as the MHRA to promote and protect the participation of patients and the public in health research.

The National Research Ethics Service has transferred to the HRA to promote efficiencies and the HRA is working with the NIHR to promote the streamlining of the national R&D Approvals Process.

The HRA website is available here:



Recruitment to NIHR Portfolio Studies is recorded by the West of England Clinical Research Network for each of the research active trusts within the Gloucestershire R&D Consortium.

The tables linked below also provide details of currently recruiting portfolio studies and links are provided in the tables to the NIHR Portfolio database for more information.

For details of each trust, click the links below.


Chief and Principle Investigators

Chief Investigator

All research studies will require an identified Chief Investigator who is the individual who takes overall responsibility for the design, conduct and reporting of a study if it is at one site; or if the study involves researchers at more than one site, the Chief Investigator takes responsibility for the design, management and reporting of the study, coordinating the investigators who take the lead at each site.


Principle Investigators

Most research projects will require a Principle Investigator at the recruiting site as well as the Chief Investigator with overall responsibility.

The Principal Investigator is the person responsible individually, or as the leader of researchers at a particular site, for the conduct of a study. Their main responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Conducting recruitment according to agreed protocol and in accordance with legal requirements
  • Organisation local R&D Approvals
  • Recruitment of research participants
  • Ensuring the welfare of participants
  • Overseeing the work of the local research team
  • Record keeping
  • Safety Reporting


Research Nurses / Clinical Studies Officers

The Gloucestershire R&D Consortium employs a number of Research Nurses and Clinical Studies Officers whose role it is to help set-up new studies and facilitate recruitment to them.