All projects may, at some point, be subject to monitoring.  Monitoring is normally the responsibility of the Study Sponsor and is undertaken to ensure expected quality standards for research and other projects are being maintained.

For studies sponsored by one of the Consortium Trust, monitoring is undertaken on an annual basis using a self-audit monitoring form.  If you receive a form please complete it at the earliest opportunity and contact the R&D Office (03004 22 5462 or 3004 22 5463) if you have any questions.  Failure to complete the form may result in a formal monitoring visit from the R&D Team.

As well as non-respondents, the R&D Team sets out to monitor 10% of all active studies on an annual basis, so your study may still be monitored whether or not you complete the self-audit form.

The monitoring process is designed to quality assure projects, not to find mistakes.  It should be viewed as an opportunity for both the trust and the researcher to be sure that they are contributing to effective and high quality work.

For more information about the monitoring process please contact the Research Management & Governance (RM&G) Team on 03002 44 5463.