Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


The Research Governance Quality Management System (RGQMS) is comprised of a number of thematically grouped Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  The SOPs are there to assist the researchers in the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to undertake and carry out research which meets the legal requirements, professional codes of conduct, guidelines and Trust policies in safeguarding the research participant and the research data.

The suite of SOPs should be used by Chief and Principal Investigators, all other research personnel who have been delegated roles and responsibilities and the staff of the R&D Department who have the function of research governance for the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The SOPs provide detailed guidance on all aspects of research study management from requesting sponsorship and design through to completion.

Self-directed training must be carried out by all staff to which the SOP is relevant and this training documented in their training record.  Face to face research team training on SOPs can be provided by the R&D Department on request.

It is the responsibility of all staff that carry out research to check the website or contact R&D Department regularly to see if SOPs have been added or amended.

For more information on the RGQMS and a list of the current SOPs click here


All SOPs are currently in a draft form, pending agreement through the Consortium.  



Standard Operating Procedures

Please note that all SOPs will become uncontrolled documents when printed
















We would appreciate any comments you may have on these, to enable a period of “consultation in use” where they can be refined to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Any further suggestions of SOPs that are required would also be welcomed.