Cheltenham Borough Council Area

Cheltenham Governors

Mr Alan Thomas

After fifteen years in civilian education, including two years as a Head Teacher, Mr Thomas was a very late entrant to the Royal Air Force, spending 23 years as an RAF Training Officer, including service in Northern Ireland and the MoD.  His  final six years were spent as the RAF's focal point for training and education policy. After this, Mr Thomas spent three years as the training specialist for an aviation company.

Mr Thomas has lived in Gloucester/Cheltenham since 2003, and his wife works for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He has lung conditions requiring long-term NHS care; one of his grandchildren has the extremely rare atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome; and he has a son who is a long-term user of mental health services.

He said: “As a family we have become immersed in many health issues, including funding for expensive treatments; we have also been fortunate to see at first hand the life-saving care provided by the NHS at point of use.

“As an elected governor for Cheltenham, I see my role as one that aims to serve the best interests of health service users by ensuring, to the best of my ability, that the Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust continues to deliver an excellent health service.” 

Re-Elected 2016 - 3 Year term of office


Mr Julius Marstrand

Mr Marstrand is an engineer who has worked for most of his career in manufacturing and construction.  He has qualifications in Civil Engineering, Industrial Technology and Management and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.  He currently works for an engineering company in Gloucester.

As General Manager of a small construction company he was responsible for the building of GPs surgeries from Huntingdon to Manchester and a Minor Injuries Unit for a hospital in Surrey and other hospital buildings. 

Following the collapse in the housing market, he worked for Gloucestershire Older Persons Association for three years, so he has a particular interest on the care of older people, who make up a majority of hospital patients.

He said: “I am a passionate supporter of the NHS and Gloucestershire Hospitals and an outspoken critic of some of the reforms being imposed on the NHS.  In particular the fragmentation of health care provision into ‘contract-sized’ units, which goes directly against the desirable principle of ‘Joining Up Our Care’.  Whilst recognising that the NHS provides excellent care for many patients, I am outspoken when any part of the health service lets patients down.” 

Re-elected 2017 - 3 year term of office