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Twiddlemitts (or muffs) are a knitted or crocheted tube with items attached that a patient with dementia can twiddle with their hands. People with dementia or other congitive impairments often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. It provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation. Early use has shown them to be hugely successful and impacting very positively on a patient’s hospital stay.

We need volunteer patients, staff and visitors, to help create more Twiddlemitts. The basic mitt is embellished with buttons, bells, beads, and toggles – anything that can be sewn onto the mitt as well as a variety of textured fabrics, such as ribbon, crocheted flowers and pockets. These items are sewn on the inside as well as the outside of each mitt.

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What is a Twiddlemitt?
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How to make a Twiddlemitt


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