National Thrombosis Week


The Trust is supporting National Thrombosis Week which runs from 7th to 13th May.

All patients admitted to our hospitals or treated as day cases have a risk assessment to assess their risk of getting a blood clot. Those at high risk are treated with an anticoagulant drug. A second risk assessment is performed after 24 hours.

The PCT set the Trust targets in the last financial year which we had to achieve to receive full payment including:

  • >90 % of patients must be risk assessed on admission
  • >90% must be given the correct preventative treatment
  • > 75 % of patients in our pilot wards (Hazleton, Prescott, 7b and 3a) must have a second risk assessment after 24 hours
  • >75% of patients should have access to patient information leaflets

Dr Janet Ropner, Associate Medical Director and Clinical Lead for VTE, said: "We met all but the last of these targets (which is still being audited) and as a result of giving patients their preventative treatment we have been able to show a dramatic reduction in thrombotic events. Any Deep Vein Thromboses or Pulmonary Emboli that do occur are investigated to make sure that the correct treatment has been given.

"This project has been a great success and the risk assessment is now embedded in the organisation. This has been due to many factors, including the  use of  small steps of change methodology, regular measurement and feedback to nominated clinicians with the expectation that they solved the problem and congratulated their teams when the results were good."