New CT Scanner for Cheltenham General

September 2012

Local imaging charity Cobalt and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are delighted to announce that their joint Heart, Mind & Body Scanner Appeal has reached its £1m target.

A state-of-the art high-definition Toshiba Aquilion One CT scanner will be unveiled on Tuesday 11th September at 2pm at Cheltenham General Hospital.

The scanner, one of only seven of its type in the country, has been custom-built in Tokyo and, after a month of installation and testing work, should be ready to scan its first patients on 12th September.

The scanner boasts the very latest technology and provides clearer, more detailed images in significantly less time.

The shorter scan time will result in a more comfortable experience for patients and decreased waiting times.  The enormous speed of the scanner will also deliver other very specific benefits; for example, it can scan the entire heart in 0.35 seconds, making it possible to acquire images of the heart without the added risk of the use of drugs to slow down the heartbeat.

Lead Radiologist Dr Garrett McGann says:

“The new scanner will be very fast, able to scan a patient’s chest, abdomen and pelvis in just 4 seconds - nearly 7 times faster than our current scanner.

“The radiation dose to patients will also be vastly reduced.  The image quality will be extremely accurate, letting doctors see more detail of the body and revolutionising the way we diagnose heart disease, cancers and traumatic injury.

“We expect to see 12,000 patients in the first year.”

Working in partnership, The Trust and Cobalt have raised £1million from hospital charities, foundations, donations large and small, legacies and of course a fantastic community fundraising effort.

‘The partnership has been fantastic and a wonderful example of how local hospitals, charities and their supporters can work together to provide the latest equipment and care, giving patients the very best’, says Peter Sharpe, Cobalt CEO.

Frank Harsent, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commented

“I am delighted to celebrate the success of the Heart, Mind & Body Scanner Appeal.

"hen the Trust met with the Cobalt Team well over a year ago to discuss how we could raise £1m, we knew it would be a big ask.  Working together, it has taken us just over a year to achieve.  To Cobalt, FOCUS, the Cheltenham General Hospital League of Friends and all the countless local fundraisers who have not only donated to the appeal but also given their spare time to raise the money, thank you, your support is truly humbling.”

July and August saw the appeal raise the final £20k needed for the scanner with a last push from the local community.