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New Urology Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic


Following the recent opening of the new urology theatre, the next milestone in improvements to the Urology service has been the creation of an Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic at Cheltenham General Hospital.


This new style clinic is led by a team of Consultant Urologists and is supported by highly trained nurses, doctors and sonographers.


The concept of a single assessment and diagnostic clinic has successfully brought together the common aspects of urological diagnosis and outpatient services under one roof. Consultation and diagnosis mean that patients stay within the unit while stopping off at various points to see a consultant, give a sample or have an examination.


Consultant Urologist Hugh Gilbert explains: “Patients are often worried when they are referred to us, so we wanted to design a system which was both kind to the patient and efficient.  The development of this clinic means that patients who may have needed to come to the hospital up to 4 times (often over several weeks) for their tests are now coming for the morning or afternoon and having their tests undertaken whilst they are there.  This means that for most patients, by the end of the clinic they are either reassured there is nothing wrong or have discussed a treatment plan with their consultant.”


Patient and clinic users have been delighted with the new facilities and have responded with very positive feedback.  A patient said: “It’s great to be looked after by a personal specialist, it means I don’t have to attend so many different appointments and the care is wonderful.  It feels like patient views have really been listened to.”