New hospital recycling scheme launches


Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is helping staff across the main hospitals to recycle more waste from wards and offices.

The Trust is currently installing mixed recycling bins in staff rooms and kitchens at Cheltenham General Hospital, and will soon introduce recycling bins in clinical and patient access areas such as waiting rooms, wards corridors.  Recycling bins for non-clinical areas at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital will be introduced next month.  

The project will soon involve everyone who generates waste at the hospitals, but this stage is aimed at staff in their staff rooms and domestics in the kitchens. 

The Trust believes we could potentially recycle up to two thirds to three quarters of the contents of an average black bag.

Environment Officer Luke Mitchell explains: “We sent out nearly 900 tonnes of black bags last year, at a cost of £190k. Recycling bins cost 35% less than black bags. There is scope to recycle 600 tonnes and save up to £43k in a year.

"It was received very well when the bins arrived, and nearly all the staff I spoke to are very happy to have the opportunity to recycle in their departments.

“It is going to be experimental at first to see how it works and we will build up slowly. The Trust has set a target of recycling 75% of our total waste arising by 2020.

“We already recycle several other waste streams and last year we recycled more than 400 tonnes of waste. The addition of dry mixed recycling will boost this even further.

“We are taking responsibility for our use of natural resources. It is important to the Trust to be a good corporate citizen. Landfill and resources are finite so need to be conserved, and this will also save money – it’s a no-brainer.