Nurse Sally nets place in Olympic Torch relay


Nurse Sally Brookes is a certainty when it comes to the Olympics this year, as she’ll be one of the lucky few honoured by carrying the Olympic torch. 

Sally has worked at Cheltenham General Hospital as a bank Nurse for many years, most recently on Kemerton Ward.  She has also raised three children, cared for her elderly relations in Cheltenham and Cornwall and voluntarily run games lessons at a local school, as well as performing the role of Welfare Officer for the Gloucestershire netball league. Colleagues explain what makes Sally extraordinary is that in every aspect of her busy life she demonstrates constant good humour and dedication.

Jenny Hill, netball player and Programme Manager at the Trust said:

“I thought of Sally the minute I heard of the call for nominations.  I've always marvelled at the way she quietly and calmly gets on with running the club and credit her with setting the atmosphere of fun and trust which keeps us coming back each season.  So I emailed all the girls and, unsurprisingly, got a wave of responses all agreeing how much she deserved to be nominated and testifying to how Sally has influenced and supported them.”

Sally Brookes is described as the linchpin of Cheltenham Netball club.  On a voluntary basis, she has given many hours a week for 30 years to play, organise, train, enthuse and referee for the club, which runs two teams for players of all ages. 

Delighted Sally said: “I was truly amazed to find out I had been nominated to be an Olympic Torch Bearer, to find out I had actually been selected - just so excited. On reflection to be honoured in this way for just giving a little back, not only to the sports I have enjoyed all my life but also within my caring career, makes me feel very, very proud. To be thought of as making a difference to people's lives, an unbelievable reward in itself.”

Fellow player Vicky Evans sums Sally up: "For me she's been an absolute star. Sally has given me so much confidence as she does with everyone.  I wouldn't have believed when I was younger that I would pay to play a sport and love it so much and that's all down to the way Sally runs Cheltenham Ladies. And that confidence has helped me in the rest of my life too.  Frankly I love the lady!"