Reminder: Emergency Paediatric Assessment


It is now more than six months since changes were made to emergency paediatric assessment in Gloucestershire in August 2011. These mean that:

·      Emergency paediatric assessment is now only provided at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH). There is no emergency paediatric assessment unit (PAU) at Cheltenham

·      All patients referred as an emergency by their GP to the paediatric service will be seen on PAU at GRH: there are no facilities for emergency paediatric assessment at Battledown Ward

·      Ambulances have been instructed to take all children in need of emergency paediatric assessment to GRH, even if Cheltenham General Hospital is closest to their home

·      If a GP is advising a family to take their child to A&E, they should be advised to go to A&E at GRH

·      Battledown Ward at Cheltenham General Hospital is no longer open 7 days a week and no longer provides emergency paediatric assessment. However, it does provide: elective medical investigations and day case care (including day surgery), as well as outpatient services and therapies

·      Children with minor injuries and ‘walk-in’ attenders are still seen and treated at A&E in Cheltenham as previously

If a child needs emergency care, parents should of course continue to dial 999

Consultant Paediatrician Dr Miles Wagstaff said“I would like to thank GP colleagues who have referred children to the specialist service at GRH since we reconfigured the service in August 2011. The service we are providing allows children who are acutely unwell to benefit from an assessment by a senior clinician 24 hours a day. The service has proven itself to be resilient to unexpected fluctuations in demand or staffing levels."