Statement: No ban on toasters at Stroud Maternity


Following inaccurate local media coverage which stated this week that toast and toasters had been ‘banned’ at Stroud Maternity Unit, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the unit, wishes to make the position clear.

A spokeswoman said: “Toast is often used as a snack to help people who are unwell or who are coming round from operations. We toast hundreds of slices every day for our patients and have no plans to stop doing this.

“As within many organisations, toasters are located in ward or clinical kitchen areas, however we do not permit toasters in non-clinical areas, for example staffrooms or offices, for staff use. Toast is available for staff in our restaurants.”

We would like to reassure anyone confused by the media story that there are no plans to ban toast or toasters at Stroud Maternity Unit or elsewhere, and toast will continue to be provided to new mothers as always.