Supporting our Reservists


Reservists at the Trust will be wearing their military uniforms to work for Uniform to Work Day on 27 June, organised as part of the build up to the fourth annual Armed Forces Day.

Dr Frank Harsent, Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: "As employers, we welcome the opportunity to show how much we value our reservist employees and acknowledge the contribution they make to society. We also believe that reservists gain invaluable experience and skills through their service that directly benefit our Trust."

Reservists Captain Sarah Bellwood, Major Sarah Price and Corporal Marie Hatfield are all senior nurses within the Trust. They serve in the Territorial Army with 243 Field Hospital (Volunteers) a fully functioning 200 bed hospital staffed by dedicated medical professionals from both the Regular Army and the NHS which is able to deploy anywhere in the world.

The unit recruits healthcare professionals from across the South West. More infomation can be found at: