Trust supports No Smoking Day


Now in its 29th year, the British Heart Foundation’s No Smoking Day has encouraged more than 750,000 smokers to quit on the day, as well as inspiring many more to seek out information to help them quit in future.

This year’s campaign for the day on March 14th encourages smokers to ‘take the leap’ into a smoke free future. The Trust, which has had a smoke free policy since 2006, is looking to remind smokers of the non-smoking rule on their sites while offering help to those who want to quit.

Sally Pearson, Director of Clinical Strategy explains: “As an NHS organisation, we are committed to improving the health of local people.  Smoking is often an important contributory factor in a range of diseases, including heart disease, respiratory disease and a number of cancers.  

“A priority for us is to draw attention to the support which is available to help smokers to manage their habit or to quit.

“We still face challenges with creating a smoke free environment on our sites.  This is a particular problem at the entrances and exits to our buildings which continue to be the subject of complaints from patients, visitors and staff.  We appeal to people to think twice before smoking anywhere on our premises including in the grounds of the hospitals.”

Support to quit is available to all patients at both hospitals, as is nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help them manage their cravings during their hospital stay.  Visitors, patients and staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital are able to get on the spot advice to quit smoking thanks to the ‘Quit stop pod’. The pod, which is situated in the atrium, allows patients, visitors and staff to drop in for free 1:1 advice with a specialist stop smoking adviser without the need to make an appointment. 

Elaine Watson, Manager of the Stop Smoking Service said: “You’re four times more likely to quit when you use the support of the NHS Stop Smoking service, rather than going it alone; and I’d encourage staff, visitors and patients to drop in to the pod and have a chat with one of the team. The message is simple: if you want to quit, we can help.”