Annual Baby Remembrance Service 2016: Small footprints on our hearts

A service aimed at providing support for those who have been affected by the loss of a baby is to be held by hospital chaplains this autumn.

The service takes place in the Chapel at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on 30th September at 7pm and is open to anybody who wants to attend.  As well as being an opportunity for people to remember their own baby, it also offers a time of peace and reflection for our staff who provide support for those who have experienced the loss of a baby.

Losses may be recent or have happened many years ago.

Bereavement support midwives and other members of staff will be available following the service.

Organiser Reverend John Thompson said:

“These services are an opportunity for you to remember your baby and to meet other people who understand because they have also lost babies that they loved.

“The service is conducted by the hospital chaplains and supported by other members of staff who will be around to talk afterwards.

“Although they follow a broadly Christian pattern of worship, it doesn’t matter what faith background people have. All are welcome to attend and each year there are a large number of people who come along because they appreciate a safe and open place in which they can acknowledge and remember their children.”