Child Safety Week 2016


We're supporting Child Safety Week with displays and information around our Trust. 

Child Safety Week takes place over one week every year. This year it will be 6-12 June and the theme for 2016 is "Turn off technology!". The use of technology, especially smartphones, is universal. 

Accidents often happen when we’re distracted. Serious accidents can happen alarmingly quickly, taking us by surprise.
By turning off technology at crucial times in the day, parents can give their children their focus and so keep them safer when pressures mount. 
Switching your phone off or to silent from 5-6pm for instance, is not difficult to do, and means one less distraction for busy parents. It also gives children the message that they are the focus, setting a good example to children and young people that it is good to turn off when crossing the road or other times when you need to concentrate to stay safe.

Child Safety Week is led by Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. 

Accidents are a leading cause of death, serious injury and acquired disability for children and young people in the UK. They account for three deaths every week and over 2,000 hospital admissions. Accidents, by their nature, often come out of nowhere when we’re least prepared for them.There are lots of reasons for this. Sudden changes in a child’s development, for example, babies starting to crawl or walk, can take parents or carers by surprise. And there are risks that aren’t always obvious – most accidents to young children happen in thehome, where we might think children are safest.

Director of Nursing and Safeguarding Lead Maggie Arnold said: "Our Trust is committed to safeguarding patients of all ages. Child Safety Week aims to help families understand the risks, as well as the simple ways that many accidents can be prevented. The eye catching displays in our Children's Centre created a lot of interest last year and we hope this year will be the same. We know how busy and distracting life can be when you're at home with young children. If just one accident can be prevented by raising awareness in this way, we'll be delighted."