Contract signed to provide smarter care for patients in Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has today signed a contract with InterSystems which will significantly improve the quality of care provided at its hospitals.

The SmartCare project will introduce innovative new technology, including an electronic patient record, which will allow staff at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals to access information about a patient whenever and wherever they need it.

The new system will support clinical decisions, lead to better prescribing of drugs and improve staff and patient communications, ensuring services are safer and more efficient.

The signing marks the end of a two-year procurement and evaluation phase in the SmartCare project, the beginning of another two years of implementation and a major investment, including £10million of Department of Health funding through the Southern Acute Programme.

Over the next few years, the SmartCare programme, using InterSystems’ TrakCare unified electronic health record, will provide world-class clinical information systems on modern, fast, accessible, secure and reliable technical infrastructure fit for future care.

Dr Frank Harsent, Chief Executive at the Trust, said: “SmartCare represents the biggest single investment, and the most transformational change that we have ever committed to at our Trust.

“It is about putting our patients and their safety first and this commitment will enable us to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients and transform our services.

“Our patients will see significant benefits as we will be able to care for them in a safer and more effective way, spend more time with them and, ultimately, they will be able to be much more involved in their own care.  

“Overall, the new system will make life simpler and safer for staff and patients and enable us to deliver the highest standards of healthcare.”

The TrakCare system will be designed to meet the Trust’s specific needs and staff from a range of departments at both hospitals have been and will continue to be involved in its development.

Steve Garrington, Vice President, International Business at InterSystems, said:  “We are delighted Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has chosen InterSystems as its health informatics partner. TrakCare will provide Gloucestershire with a modern, sustainable electronic health record for their delivery of high-quality patient care.

“We look forward to working closely with the Trust to realise the benefits of joined-up care for its patients and staff.  This will be the foundation for better, safer care that will continue to evolve to meet the Trust’s needs both now and in the future,” he added.

InterSystems were appointed following a thorough and detailed procurement process, carried out in collaboration with two other NHS trusts – Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and Yeovil District Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. In early June 2013, the Department of Health announced central funding to help this collaborative of trusts introduce a secure electronic patient record. 

The first phase of the SmartCare project will go live in late 2015.