Deaf Awareness Week at Gloucestershire Hospitals

There are over forty thousand hearing aid users in Gloucestershire and many of them find communicating with family and friends difficult or frustrating.   

During Deaf Awareness Week (7-10 May), Hearing Services at the County’s main hospitals are organising information stands to raise awareness about hearing loss, hearing aids and good communication.

Information stands will be set up in the atrium at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on 7th – 10th  May and at West Block Outpatients at Cheltenham General Hospital on 9th and 10th May.

This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about what is going on in the County to improve the lives of hearing impaired people.  As well as the information and leaflets on display, visitors will be able to ask questions about hearing aids and see a range of equipment that can help hearing aid wearers with everyday activities such as watching the TV and using the phone. 

Trust Hearing Therapist, Nell Lovegrove says: “One person in seven in the UK has a hearing loss, but in Deaf Awareness Week we are hoping to reach everyone: hospital staff, patients and their relatives and friends, whatever their level of hearing. 

“Two thirds of us are hard of hearing by the time we’re 60 and we want to challenge common assumptions about deafness and get people thinking about good, clear communication“

 During the week, there will be an added emphasis on training and awareness for Trust Staff, with Deaf Awareness training sessions taking place on both sites.  These sessions are designed to help staff gain a better understanding of the impact of hearing loss, what hearing aids can and can’t do, and how to communicate well with a hearing impaired person.