Dementia Awareness Week 2015


During this week, the Alzheimer’s Society seek to raise awareness and understanding of dementia with the aim of enabling people to live well with the condition. 

We are supporting Dementia Awareness Week by helping to raise awareness and understanding of dementia and of the services available locally to enable people with dementia to live well.

Look out for information and displays during the week in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital at Fosters Restaurant, by the Tower Block lifts and Outpatient areas, and in Cheltenham General at Blue Spa Café and West Block Outpatients.

At our Trust, we have a network of dementia champions (one on every ward) and a full work programme designed to support our patients with dementia and their Carers. We have introduced a number of environmental changes including changes to crockery, signage, photographic meal menus and clocks specially designed to be more visually appealing to this group of patients. Dementia focus groups are also run on a selection of our wards, with opportunities for art, exercise and activities. The role of hospital volunteers on the wards has also been enhanced to further promote wellbeing, nutritional support and in supporting seeking feedback from our Carers. 

Nursing Director Maggie Arnold said: “We recognise that dementia is one of the greatest health concerns for over 55’s and, as our population ages, we continue to make improvements in the support available for our patients with dementia.”

We are committed to the care of patients with dementia, and are a member of the Dementia Action Alliance. You can read their pledge here