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We're supporting Dry January 2015

dry jan


We're supporting Alcohol Concern’s Dry January campaign. This campaign encourages people to take a month out from alcohol and enjoy the benefits that come from having a break from drinking.

It asks that people to stop drinking together for one month from 1 January. Over 17,000 people took part in DryJanuary in 2014 and many reported that taking a month-long break from alcohol acted as a reset button concerning their alcohol use for months afterwards, not only helping people to drink less per day but also to drink less frequently.

Dry January 2015 encourages people to ‘take a holiday from booze’ after the Christmas period as it is beneficial for their wallet, waistline and general health.

To help people keep going to 31 days without drinking alcohol, Dry January offers support, encouragement and advice to participants so they can make it through the month. The support comes in the form of a programme whereby each participant will receive regular emails with engaging tips, advice and information to help them feel good about not drinking. This will be backed up by Facebook and Twitter messages to encourage followers to support each other and share their experiences over the month.

Dry January is about encouraging behaviour change through a positive experience. The aim is to make it fun, supportive and informative. Everyone taking part will have a different experience of alcohol and a different relationship with it. There is no right or wrong way to be feeling while taking part.

Dry January is completely non-judgmental towards people’s experience of drinking and instead is positive about people’s motivations for wanting to not drink for a while. Of course, it also has a money saving benefit that many people will find useful after Christmas. For more information and to register, visit or

Cancer Research UK is also challening people to become 'Dryathletes' in January and raise money at the same time: