Free WiFi to be introduced for patients & staff


Patients and visitors at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals will soon benefit from a free WiFi service.

From September 2015, all visitors to both hospitals and patients on the wards will be able to access WiFi for free in almost all areas, thanks to a new project to upgrade the wireless network. Trust staff will also be able to access the visitor network, using their own devices.

Wireless internet access will be required by staff when the Trust goes live with a new Electronic Patient Record, as part of the SmartCare project, later this year.

Dr Frank Harsent, Chief Executive, said: “We know from what our patients tell us, that access to free WiFi will make a big difference to their experience in hospital.

“Being a patient on a hospital ward can sometimes be isolating and being able to go online for free, using their own devices, will allow patients to stay up to date with news, access social media, keep in touch with family and friends and browse the web.”

SmartCare is a project which over the next few years will see the Trust moving away from paper notes and towards a fully digital patient information system, helping to provide safer, more efficient and effective care for patients.

Users of the new WiFi network will need to agree to Terms and Conditions before access, agreeing to a range of standards to help the Trust protect patient confidentiality. The patient, staff and visitor network will be separate to the network used to access the new SmartCare system, so that the security and integrity of the patient system is not compromised.